Expand your pain management skills with our new Wellness Classes


IPM Wellness Classes help expand your pain management skills and are held monthly.  These collaborative and informative classes discuss all factors that contribute to chronic pain, recovery, wellness and quality of life. 
For more information or to sign up for a class, contact us through the form below or reach out to our Wellness Team directly.  wellness@ipmdoctors.com / 925-482-8151

Attending a class is easy and can be done from anywhere.

Classes are 30 to 60 minutes each and administered in a virtual small group setting with an IPM healthcare provider.

You can easily join on your computer or phone and we provide instructions to help you connect.

Our class topics rotate monthly and cover a wide range of topics.

Chronic Pain Basics • Pain & Thoughts/Stress • Effective Habits • Treatment Options for Chronic Pain Pacing • Chronic Pain & Mood • Nutrition & Constipation • Anxiety, Anger & Depression Friends & Family Communication & Support • Sleep • Neuroplasticity

August Class:
Creating Healthy Habits

Have you struggled with adding a new healthy habit to your life? What about breaking “bad” habits?  Effectively managing chronic pain requires focused work with the body and mind. In the Creating Healthy Habits class you will be given science-backed methods to create new and healthy habits that stick, as well as break some of the unwanted habits that may be contributing to poorer health.  

July Class:
Chronic Pain & Mood

Chronic pain and our emotions are so intertwined, it can be hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. If you’re living with chronic pain and have noticed a change in your mood, you are not alone and this presentation is for you! We will cover techniques that can be used no matter what the emotion is you are struggling with. 

June Class:
Pacing for Chronic Pain

Many patients find that they can do less over time or that they get injured much easier than they did before they had a chronic pain condition. Often, they are left feeling confused and frustrated. Some find they are even fearful of doing their normal daily activities. One of the most important factors in maintaining your functionality and preventing pain flares is working with a structured pacing model. In June’s class we will go into depth about why you may be sliding backwards and what you can do to gain strength and stamina over time.

May Class:
Posture & Body Mechanics

May’s Wellness class is Posture and Body Mechanics. This class will cover essential strategies to manage chronic pain and avoid flare ups and injuries. By focusing on beneficial posture and proper movements you can improve your mood and self-esteem. You will also learn how how to engage in optimum body mechanics to complete common household chores in a safe way.

March's Class:
The Connection Between Trauma and Pain

This month’s wellness class will focus on the connection between chronic pain and trauma. Trauma and stress related disorders are more diverse and common than one might think. Even if you haven’t been affected by trauma personally, statistics show that you know someone who has, so this class will leave you more trauma-informed. We will explore the science connecting trauma and chronic pain. Then we will spend time going over treatments and solutions.

February's Class:
Anti-Inflammatory Diet

A healthy diet is one of the best ways we can contribute to our health. Inflammation is a problem for those with chronic pain and can contribute to many disease states. You will learn what inflammation is and how it affects your body. After finishing this class you will know the why and how of adopting this useful diet to manage your chronic pain.

January's Class:
Preventing Pain Flare Ups

This class gives you real world strategies that you can immediately employ to manage and prevent pain flares. This class is interactive and includes a guided meditation to manage your stress levels, which is KEY to managing your pain and preventing flare ups.

April's Class:
Stress Management

Have you noticed that your pain gets worse when you are stressed? Next month’s class will address this fascinating topic.  You will learn what stress is and how it’s accumulation in the mind and the body  affects your pain.  By the end of class, you will have a lot of ideas on ways to set yourself up for less stress and what to do when it occurs. You can share what you learned with your loved ones and improve their quality of life as well.

Insomnia, Night Time Strategies

Are you waking up during the night and unable to get back to sleep? Join us for September’s Wellness Class and we will teach you effective strategies to harness the power of your mind and body to help achieve better rest.

Stress Management

Stress is a normal part of life and serves a useful purpose. Learn how to identify the causes of your stress and empower yourself to respond in healthy ways.

Family & Friends

Although only you feel the pain itself, chronic pain is a family issue and affects everyone in family and life. 

Chronic Pain Basics

Understanding the process of pain can be a validating and important part of your recovery. New research has changed the way we think about and treat pain. The class will include methods you can use to help yourself move towards better functionality, feel hope and empowerment towards your condition.

Relaxation & Meditation

Learn how your body, mind and nervous system benefits from properly relaxing or meditating. 

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