Return to a productive life despite having chronic pain.

Restore function & manage pain with our Functional Restoration Program.

Learn how to better manage your pain and rehabilitate your mind & body.

Functional Restoration is a multi-disciplinary 8 week program that is designed to increase physical function, improve pain coping skills and promote the return to a productive lifestyle.  Our goal is to help participants return to work, return to the life they knew, and rediscover a state of enhanced well-being.

Physical Therapy Counseling Yoga & Stress Relief Dance & Art Nutrition Medical Check-Ups Career Counseling Worker’s Comp Guidance

Functional Restoration Program Structure

The goal is reduction of a patient’s suffering and their return to a productive life despite having chronic pain.

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Wellness Toolbox: Navigating Change

with Lindsey Kolb, RYT-500 Changes, large and small, are an inherent part of life. Whether changes are positive or negative, they can be challenging to navigate and are often accompanied by a flood of emotions. Mindfulness can improve resilience and …

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Journey Through Pain Art Show

‘Journey Through Pain’ is a collection of artwork created by artists with chronic pain. Participants of this exhibit were introduced to art therapy in an interdisciplinary program that focuses on improving physiological and emotional health to better manage pain. After …

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Chinese Medicine to Beat the Heat

with Rachel Cherry, L.Ac Summertime is upon us and we are definitely starting to feel the heat. Chinese medicine has many ways to balance out the environmental heat that we feel, including ways we can balance our body to make …

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with Lindsey Kolb, RYT-500 Compassion often brings to mind acts of service towards other people. Offering compassion towards yourself is no different than extending it to others. Self-compassion can be defined as having three components. First, mindfulness, or recognizing that …

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Training the Mind

Restfulness and mind/body connection.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy for depression, stress and sleep disturbance

Return to work planning & simulation

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Educational Elements

Chronic pain education

Behavioral pain coping skills training

Stress management

Medication optimization

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FRP & the Body

Progressive conditioning & physical fitness training

Wellness and nutrition training

Injury specific exercises

Postural and body mechanics training

FRP might be right for you if…

Other treatments have failed.

Daily activities are difficult to perform.

Fear of pain is getting in the way.

Surgery is not a good option.

Work is difficult or impossible due to pain.

You are ready to move on!

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