Return to a productive life despite having chronic pain.

Restore function & manage pain with our Functional Restoration Program.


Learn how to better manage your pain and rehabilitate your mind and body

Functional restoration is both a type of interdisciplinary pain management and rehabilitation program, as well as a general approach to medical care.

Functional Restoration Program Structure

The goal is reduction of a patient’s suffering and their return to a productive life despite having chronic pain.

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Training the Mind

Restfulness and mind/body connection.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy for depression, stress and sleep disturbance

Return to work planning & simulation

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Educational Elements

Chronic pain education

Behavioral pain coping skills training

Stress management

Medication optimization

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FRP & the Body

Progressive conditioning & physical fitness training

Wellness and nutrition training

Injury specific exercises

Postural and body mechanics training

Success Stories

Our FRP program can help you return to a productive life…

The whole IPM experience was incredible. Form the first time I stepped into the facility to the last day of the restorative program, the amazing feeling of knowing I was listened to, cared for, encouraged, and supported by amazing staff. from Kendra, Nadine, Kelly, to the RN’s. To all the staff that instructed and opened our eyes and brains to understand our bodies and how to bring back our power to become healthy balanced human beings. 

DJ. l, Mike, Stephanie, Lisa – Love you all!

You re-established in my mindset that I can heal, that I can control my pain, and that I can become the best that I want to be if I so choose. You gave me confidence and empowerment!

Oh, and let’s not forget our Workout Goddesses Michelle and Leah. You ladies were beyond excellence in soothing into moving and becoming one with our bodies. You truly demonstrated care and lots of encouragement. I felt safe and wonderful. I felt like I was taking back my life. You both are incredible, amazing women. I take my hat off and give you so much gratitude and a bow. Thank you!

Georgia Giannini – 2/25/2020

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