Track your Activity &
Take Control of your Pain.

All IPM Patients are eligible to receive a device at no cost.

Wearing your IPM FIT sends Activity Data to your Provider.
We use this data to create a custom care plan based on your progress and needs.
Track your Steps, Sleep & Heart Rate.
It's so lightweight & comfortable, you'll hardly know it's there.
More than Activity Tracking...
Your IPM•FIT can also Receive Call & Text, App Notifications and Connect with Alexa.

STEPS – Movement is proven to reduce pain and improve your body’s ability to recover. 

Use the Steps function to measure & track how much movement you’re getting every day and set a goal to slowly improve this over time. Improving movement is as easy as taking a walk around the block, gardening, doing some housework or taking the stairs. Start small and you’ll notice the benefits in no time! 

SLEEP – Getting 8 hours of sleep a night greatly improves your body’s ability to recover and repair itself.

Reduce anxiety and depression, improve mood and energy, reduce pain and more. Track your sleep often to make sure you’re getting an average of 8 hours. The IPM care team can help with sleep problems, so be sure to bring this up if you’re persistently not getting enough sleep. Some quick tips to improve sleep: set and stick to a sleep schedule, turn off electronics 30 mins prior to bedtime, or use ‘over the counter’ supplements like melatonin or certain teas.  

HEART RATE – A sustained high heart rate could be a symptom of chronic pain and is harmful if left untreated.

Keep an eye on your heart rate to make sure it’s resting in a healthy range (generally 60-100 beats per minute). Engaging in regular cardiovascular exercise will help lower your resting heart rate, leading to a healthier heart. Discuss any heart rate abnormalities with your IPM care team and if you notice a spike in your heart rate for a sustained period, then seek medical help. 

Your Pain and your Physical Activity are Directly Linked.

It is well recognized that exercise is an effective clinical treatment to reduce pain and improve function in a variety of pain conditions.

• 24/7 heart rate tracking for 10 days on a charge.

• Track your distance, pace & total walk/run time.

• Monitors your sleep patterns and sleep quality.

• Reminds you when you have been sitting too long.

All IPM Patients receive a free IPM Fit at no cost.

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Connect with your health & track your daily activity.

The best way to view your data is via the Wyze App.  

Open the app on your phone every couple of days to track progress and reach your goals. 

Learn how to use your IPM FIT Wyze band.

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