July 28, 2022 – IPM Medical Group (IPM), California’s leading provider of cutting-edge technology in treating chronic pain patients, today announced that Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center (CSSC), the clinical practice of Annu Navani, MD has joined IPM Medical Group. This merger…

Applying Lessons from COVID-19 to the Opioid Epidemic

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the struggle to curb the opioid epidemic in the United States has produced disappointing outcomes. Marcelina Jasmine Silva, DO, speaks about the current approaches to opioid use and potential lessons to be learned from COVID-19.

Pain relief at home: Tips and techniques

Dr. Abaci will discuss strategies for finding relief at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. This event was part of the 2020 Pain Awareness Month campaign, #MyPainPlan, sponsored by Sunbeam. 

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A Breakthrough Treatment for Chronic Pain

Dr. Kasra Amirdelfan discusses spinal cord stimulation and new options available for chronic pain sufferers.  

Speaker Series for CRPS Awareness

Join us in raising awareness for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) during the month of November with our special online speaker series! Patients with a CRPS diagnosis, providers, and others interested in learning more are invited to join us every …

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Can Electricity Relieve Your Pain?

BY PETER ABACI, MD Like many of my own patients, you may be interested in doing more to treat pain than just relying on medications, but you aren’t sure where to start. One simple and accessible treatment to consider is something …

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Is It Time for a Pain Management Reboot?

BY PETER ABACI, MD Board-certified anesthesiologist and pain specialist Now that we are entering a new phase in the COVID-19 pandemic where access to vaccines is high, infection rates are declining, and there is greater access to health-related services, this might be a time to …

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Learn about a New, Minimally Invasive Treatment for Back and Sacroiliac Pain

You are cordially invited to a Free Educational Zoom Webinar May 19th, 2021 12:00 PM Pacific Time Are you suffering from lower back pain? Join IPM’s Dr. Kasra Amirdelfan on May 19th at 12 pm PST for a free webinar …

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Anxiety, Fear Avoidance Beliefs & Behavior May Be Significant Risk Factors for Chronic Opioid Analgesic Therapy Reliance for Patients with Chronic Pain – Results from a Preliminary Study

Marcelina Jasmine Silva, DO, Zhanette Coffee, MSN, Chong Ho Alex Yu, PhD, Marc O Martel, PhD February 17, 2021 Abstract Objective To describe differences between patients with chronic, non-cancer pain (CNCP) who were successfully able to cease full mu agonist chronic opioid analgesic …

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When COVID-19 Causes Lingering Pain

BY PETER ABACI, MD Board-certified anesthesiologist and pain specialist FEBRUARY 02, 2021 A growing number of people are reporting lingering symptoms after overcoming their initial bout with COVID-19. “Long-haul COVID” refers to a condition where a person doesn’t feel fully recovered from …

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